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Changzhou Xuanda hydraulic Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a supplier of design, manufacturing and project technical services in the field of hydraulic transmission and automatic control. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the design, development and manufacturing of standard products and non-standard equipment such as hydraulic system, lubrication system, hydraulic cylinder and automatic control equipment In order to expand production capacity and improve product quality……
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1、 The service life of the product is up to 10 years
Technical support of 28 intellectual property rights, 30-year technical precipitation, precision grinding of electroplating materials to ensure product quality, stable performance of 99.2%, and timely delivery of enterprises.
2、 The company adopts ERP production process
7 * 12h rapid response, 10 minutes to plan, 1 hour to map, 8s standardized production process, standard production.Process, do not delay your production and help you deliver on time.
3、Product can customized according to the drawing
Customized products according to your needs, which can be customized according to your needs, such as size, material and others, and non-standard customization is supported; You can conduct on-site investigation, issue product technical solutions, and provide one-stop R & D and customized production to meet your various needs and save costs.
4、 Free replacement for quality problems in 1 year
7 * 24h to provide you with technical support, "1-on-1" technical training, regular return visit, irregular door-to-door inspection and maintenance, so as to ensure the stable and efficient operation of products and help production.
Various sizes can be customized. Deliver goods on the same day without delaying production and help deliver goods on time,4 core advantages to promote 9000 + high-quality customers
 Loading test of 12000t structure of Beigong University
 Multi channel loading of Chinese Academy of construction Sciences
 Tianjin Institute trm32 3 slag mill oil cylinder
 Japan Yubu un20 3 vertical mill oil cylinder
 Yubu um50 4 vertical mill oil cylinder
 Yubu um46 4 vertical mill oil cylinder
 50t dynamic loading cylinder of Hunan University
 20t dynamic loading cylinder of Hunan University
 Hefei Cement Design Institute roller press
 Germany Feifan mps5000b vertical mill buffer
 Germany Feifan mps5000b vertical mill oil cylinder
 Robbins Corporation - TBM cylinder
 Node experiment of Beijing Institute of architecture and Engineering - 50t loading cylinder
 Anhui University of technology - 50 tons
 Subgrade settlement test of Zhejiang University High Speed Railway
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Quality is our basic standard, and we promise No, the service life of the product is at least 8 years.
We are well aware of the importance of construction period to you, and we are scientific
We can't guarantee a lower price, but we will It is cost-effective
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Products provide lifelong after-sales service, 7 * 24 H provide after-sales
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Our designers are senior designers for more than 10 years and have rich experience. We can...
Under the condition that the oil cylinder meets the quality standard, we can customize the...
We will deliver the oil cylinder on the same day as soon as possible. Of course, the speci...
Product quality is the basic guarantee of the company. We promise to return and replace th...
Yes, we can customize it as long as we know the necessary parameters and installation meth...
We can customize according to your drawings. The shape and installation method are accordi...
The quality of our oil cylinder products meets the national standard and IOS9001 quality s...
We provide complete after-sales service, video installation guidance and technical guidanc...
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On January 25, 2019, the oil cylinders of 11 grate...
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